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Things are finally lookin up and less stressful. Finally got a damn work study job so at least I have something brining I money. Met with the local hip hop booking company I was excited about and they loved me for an intern so I’m doing kind of a trial run at two shows next week and if they like how I work, they will take me on for a full time intern. Then I found a community center to volunteer at as a peer mentor for young at risk youth.

If all goes well I won’t feel like I’m wasting my life away anymore.








Racism in advertising.
This is what we’re told constantly. That our brown skin is ugly and that we can only be beautiful if we’re white.

That last one, oh my god. They’re using white as a synonym for beauty. I know fairness can also mean literally lighter, but I think they actually mean beauty here.

I’m not sure this is racism…i mean white girls buy tanning products all the time to be darker, so i’m sure there are some girls who want to be lighter instead. I was actually saying earlier today to a friend how i actually wouldn’t mind being a little paler, and it’s the main reason i take photos infront of my window…
Maybe i’m wrong, but i remember reading an Asian beauty fashion magazine when I was younger and even in that they had advertising for skin whitening products.

Welp white people say it’s not racist so clearly it’s not. 

It’s not about “wanting to change your skin color” it;s the fact that have shit like “discover the FAIRNESS, HIDING behind dark skin” clearly screaming that dark skin is ugly as fuck and you need to be light to be beautiful. And why do you think whitening products exists? Because we have been told since birth that our brown skin is ugly and undesirable, we need to be white to fit in, we need to be white to be attractive. Please show me a white girl with a tan getting gunned down in the streets, getting told she’s trash because of her skin color,  then come back and whine that it goes both ways. 

I’m not white so I don’t see the point in your first comment.

Moving on, I personally have never been made fun of for my skin. I know some complete dickholes but none of them have made a racist comment towards me.

I’m not being ignorant to what goes on around the world, i’m well aware that sadly some girls get it worse than  others, but I feel like these companies would be throwing their money away making these products if they didn’t know there was a market for it? Although I completely agree with you about the comment in the last add, it’s disgraceful. Although still, fairness is another way of saying light or pale, so to call it outright racism I think is taking a bit far HOWEVER I have not personally suffered from racism where I live so perhaps that is why I didn’t take such offense to it. I never meant to cause offense, I simply gave my own opinion so kindly back off unless you’re gonna talk to me with a little respect.

Oh well because you haven’t means no one else has. Got it.

this girl basically said “I dont get how this is racist??? I mean im not white and i havent been affected so??/??”

And gurl this is tumblr aint nobody gonna respect you because u say so. 

If anyone ever needed a perfect example of colorism and white passing pocs shitting on dark skin people dismissing our experiences.

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